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YI- YUAN WOODEN MANUFACTORY (enterprise) limited co. was established in 1983. welcome to visit our websites. http://www.yi-yuan.com.tw/.Hereby, let us recommend the euramerican most hot sell childrens balance learning bike (push bike). Provide to child will not lose on a winning streak of a limb muscle development the opportunity, European experts confirmed that the development of children's sense of balance by training, give the child leg muscles enough stimulation, the future in social skills in classrooms and concentrate training, will be have positive effect. In addition, through already learn to navigate the drive their first two wheels, can bring their sence of accomplishment and training in their ability to manage on one’s own, the establishment of confidence on a big rewards. Balance bike was different carrying support wheel of bike, it‘s a bike with no pedal, no two wheel brake in design stroller with no support wheel are designed to train children's equilibrium and sensory integrative, believe in that many people have such childhood experience, is when parents help us tear down support wheel, then we can't ride a bicycle, even if will ride is several times to learn until blundered, so that the passage of time before learning to ride a didn't help. Everyone knows the benefits of learning to ride a bicycle very much, not to say in here, right now emerging movement - ride cavalry, many parents are hoping to take children ride a bike to go outing, but should a child learn to balance is not a simple , must be need to rely on his own feeling to training, rely on anyone, can not accelerate he learned on his own, must learn to balance by himself, learn to feel, will shorten the time to study, about this point, sliding bike really can help children learn to balance. Our balance bike have what different? Everyone should know, kids grow faster, when parents glad to buy to their children , but found no matter how to adjust the seat height when using, is unable to make the bike with the height of children feet contact with the ground, the child of course not interested, the new generation of JB series of the sliding bike, whole was made in Taiwan, and all by Taiwan's team design, fully the development in Taiwan children of various ages, long legs in design, let your baby absolutely can happy, also because these games and proud place we won the gold award industrial development bureau Golden point design mark (Golden Pin Design Mark). On safety JB series push bike on safety we through the national security toys authentication (ST),  whether material, structure, or security, all did quite strict test, let parents ease to buy. On the diversity JB series the diversity of the push bike is worth you to buy, not only cushion up and down adjustment, it can even the whole bike flip 180 degrees become higher kenel of the push bike, can be adjusted by children height.

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